Purple-Fresh Smoothie

Here we are! The weather is going colder and colder… I look forward to be at Halloween but I wouldn’t hate it if it were 27°C out there and not only 14°C… BRRRR… Just need a little push and a little snack! As I love to say:

« It’s never, never too freezing for a smoothie and never too hot for a soup »  -me

I mean it! And so did I!

  • 1 banana, very ripe and frozen
  • half a small courgette
  • 200 mL water or non-dairy milk (I used water today)
  • 15 purple grapes

Blend until smooth. And enjoy! Plain and simple, but so effective to keep you energised until the end of the day! So you can have the energy to post something today, or read other blogs… and smile! Because smiling is SO important! I will make a post about it. So important.


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