5 ways to relax. Fall 2016.

As the weather is getting colder, we all need to take a beak and relax. Slow down. Because winter makes us feel low in enegy, I share with you 5 tips to calm down. The first and unique rule is to enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy!


1- Find a good (and preferably a very big) book or your favorite magazine, jump in your sofa and litteraly wrap yourself (yes, wrap like an avocado in sushi rolls). You can arrange candles around you: it will create a warm atmosphere… Or grab a cute diary and write. Write everything that comes through your mind, non need to be realistic, logic or sensed. Getting creative, while journaling or drawing, will allow your mind to focus on something slightly different from the other days… And who isn’t excited when magic happens?


2- Put on some music and dance. You can either have a solo slow or unleash yourself… Depending on your energy level! But one thing is sure: if you choose the second option, you will feel deliciously tired and the bed will be your best friend for the rest of the day! Personnaly, I love puting on « The wrong kind of war » from Imany… A killer album! None of the songs are bad: perfect to smile and feel happy, especially with The silver lining. I just find myself clapping alone in the living room and singing very loud! Terrible but so calming!


3-Take care of yourself: take a bath with perfumed soap and solely candles for the light, do nail art, brush your hair, even try new haircuts. or buy yourself something, like this cute little dress you saw last day… Get crazy if you want! It’s your time!


4-Do a yoga session: when I don’t feel like a HIIT workout, I just go for a yoga course online. I fing that Elle fit yoga videos are great,  Boho beautiful ones too. For beginner, Yoga with Adrienne is perfect!


5-Go for a walk in a park, somewhere with plants. Breath. The deepest as you can, because we tend to absorb less air than what we truly need. I have tried yoga and in fact, I saw changes in my way of breathing: it becomes deeper, coming from the belly and not only from the trachea. Then you feel more energized. Plus it is said that going out release stress. In fact, it calms your soul and clarify your mind. The best would be to « yoga flow » like a peaceful chinese old man in his secret green garden…. But maybe that’s too much! Let’s keep it simple!

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