Place to eat: Daroco (Paris)


By a beautiful sunny day, after an exciting exhibition: Oscar Wilde, l’impertinent absolu we were so tired… Our legs were crying and stomachs did so… Just needed a cool place to fuel… And we found it!

When you go through the imposing glass door, you just are amazed by the ceiling heights… and the ceiling in itself! In fact, a big mirror hoverganging us!


The whole place was spread through a vacation atmosphere… Something like warm wind, blue water, pastel houses, italian accents… A place both cosy and fashionable. You immediatly notice it  when you enter this awesome restaurant, decorated with green plants, mirrors in an industrial style. Modern. Active. And delicious.

I ordered a very simple (really?!) pasta plate with cherry tomatoes, parsley and a spicy olive oil… Awesome. On the side, a rocket salad with radish and again cherry tomatoes, topped with a light dressing. The great thing is that you have a succulent meal, for a not so expensive bill: you eat for 15-20 euros. And the portions are pretty large. Of course pizzas are the main reason of Daroco’s success…   But you can also watch the chiefs while they cook… plus the waiter/tresses bears their signature: a sblue and white striped « marinière ». Sound familiar? Thinking about Jean Paul Gaulthier? You’re right, beacause the restaurant is located on the former JP Gaulthier boutique… Warm ambiance. Coolitude. And a pinch of fashion: the perfect match. Simply.

Daroco                                                                                                                                                             6 Rue Vivienne                                                                                                                                             75 002 Paris




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