November wishlist !

Hey guys! how is it going? I’m super excited! Christmas is in one month and a half and it’s time to make a wishlist, right?

So, this month will be around books… Graphic ones.


« It » from Alexa Chung: This girl is a TV-presentator, journalist, a fashion person and a lot more. I’ve read that it’s made of doodles, photographs, texts, thoughts. She shares her inspiration, ideas, tips from the art of taking a selfie to thoughts about growing up… Eclectic, but the book in itself seems to be a beautiful object… I will tell you more about, if Father Christmas deigns to offer me « It ». {About 15 euros}


Love Style Life from Garance Doré, a very influent French blogger and illustrator  living in the USA. Here is what she says aout her book: « I’m talking about style, obviously shopping, make up, fashion weeks and high heel, but also about how to ‘try to) be beautiful woman inside and outside. » The main characteristic of this book seems to be the beauty of pictures and illustrations. {About 25 euros}


More of the fit women’s secret, by Lorna Jane, an Australian fitness entrepreneur. This book gives advices to take care of your skin, to eat ealthy, to move, to have fun… Sounds great. It is the second tome of Inspired (I will make a book review about it, but it’s a great book, very inspiring), linked with Lorna Jane’s philosophy: Move Nourish Believe. {Around 22 $}




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