Vegan ebook: 25 organic recipes !


This ebook of 30 pages is filled with 25 amazing vegan recipes (no dairy, no sugar, no honey,…): it concerns mainly breakfast (80% of this ebook) because I think it’s super important to begin the day in a good (and healthy) mood!

I remember that as a child, because I disliked cereals, I used to eat muffins for breakfast! A tons of muffins, topped with… a huge amount of nutella! I thought it was pretty hard to digest, I felt a bit heavy, bloated, but didn’t care because… you know…nutella.

And now, as I changed my way of eating, I can say that I feel really better: I just got rid of acne ! This is one of the reasons that make me lead this lifestyle, which is, in fact, amazing!

So I hope you will enjoy my ebook, and if you recreate some recipes, let me know, I would be really happy to get your feelings!


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