A paper-hamster story

Sometimes, I call myself  a paper-hamster: in fact,  since I’m 8, I collect notebooks, papers, magazines,  fabrics, masking tapes… Almost everything that could be glued! The addiction is real! I should have about 50 notebooks at home but I literally can’t stop buying them… This collection is the main reason why my room is that messy: seriously, how do you want to hide 50 notebooks? Impossible. So I don’t conceal them: instead, I just want to share with you this passion. No detox for paper-addict yet?

Just know that: collaging is NOT difficult. You don’t need to be talented or anything else, you just need to have scissors, magazines, photos,  a notebook, a glue stick and yourself. Not too much. And you’ll see: in a while, you will be paperaholic! I promise!

For this journal, I used an old book as a medium: it gives to your work an antique style.

The whole book is on youtube: it happens to be huge and now I cannot even close it! But it’s fun to demolish paper magazines to recreate something else! A real therapy!!!

« It will get easier each time,I think. I hope. i just have to keep trying. »                                -Jenny Halls, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before



« Trying is always enough. »                                                                                                              said Patricia Briggs (Dragon Bones)

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