Beautiful quotes…


I thought that a few quotes could be useful in this mid-week adventure. On wednesday, we may need a little push…to remember to take our time! What a paradox!


All right, because doing our best ensures that we won’t have any regrets! It’s also a great tip to live your day (and life then) to the fullest. Let’s dream big, girls!


Not always easy but worth it! Imagine if you just had to think about a project for it to just pop from your head to reality? We would just become lazy, unactive. And where could we find excitement if everything were already perfect? Life is an adventure, not a race to perfection!

Just a little reminder, because we all need one sometimes. It happens to be that we rush into life not really enjoying things, just being robots.

I hope that was useful, or at least inspiring! Have a nice wednesday ❤

Ps: photo credit: Jared Doyle

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