2 days in Saint-Malo, France

Hey guys!

I need vitamin sea… Please, give me vitamin sea! If this is your case, this post is for you: filled with salt, sand and waves.

We went to Saint-Malo, a city from the 12th century near the sea. Salty vibes evrywhere! Plus the weather was really cool: hot, sunny but windy (we’re in Britain, NEVER forget that and ALWAYS remeber to take an umbrella with you… You never know…). Tourists coming from the entire world, locals, teenagers from christian organisation,… Lots of people, which means holidays feeling!

So let’s switch to the 4 best things about this city. I also made a vlog about it.



A must here! You see lots of jogger, walker doing their workouts or enjoying the freshness. There are even groups of « water-walker » (SO courageous), surfers,…  We did so. Our friens ran on the Sillon.  Have a look:

The Petit Bé.



After our long and refreshing walk on the beach, we needed to fuel. And in Saint-Malo, you have to try the galettes and crêpes. We stopped in the Crêperie des ambassadeurs. The atmosphere is very cool, the waiters/tresses are nice and the food is a-ma-zing! You should try their galettes served with a generous amount of of salad, and their lemon crêpes! Marvellous!



We rent a room in a great hotel : Le Chateaubriand, which was originally the home of the great writer. We were overhanging the sea. That means that we woke up with the sun! And the breakfast was delicious: I devoured everything! From crêpes to salad fruits to dried fruits…




This is as beautiful as the sunrise. Magic. Especially with a tea in a warm café after a hike in the Solidor neighbourhood.




That’s it! This trip was worth it and there is so much to discover. I’ll be back, Saint Malo, be sure of it!


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