Getting organized with daily planning !


  1. DO get organized all year long
  2. DO be a little more creative

The mix of those 2 resolutions creates a blog post wher I offer 3 downloadable planners.


1) Yearly planner, to get a big overview before engaging you all in your plans… 

This one is divided in 2 parts: yearly (from january to june) and yearly-1 (from july to december)


2) The second one is a simple weekly planner. We need to « see the big picture » before planning smalling things. To check out our priorities. It’s great to write down:

  • Rendez-vous
  • Dates
  • Meetings
  • Birthdays

You can download it by clicking here (I’m sorry, I don’t know why my computer doesn’t want to display the planners)    monday-2


3) Last but not least… a daily planner. You have 3 zones to write notes (because everyday has something interesting to notice), to do’s (because who doesn’t have any tasks?) and a gratitude list (because being mindful is SO important…we tend to forget the little silver lining that shows behind clouds).

You can access the document here: monday-1

So I hope you enjoyed those documents and that they will be very useful the next coming months… See you later!

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