Place to eat: Baan Boran (Paris)



Hey guy!

I’m super excited to share witrh you this « oh so delicious place » in Paris… I swear it’s hot, so hot (you know, when you eat spices…). The restaurant I’m talking about is called Baan Boran and is managed by a whole thai family (such a nice family, you’ll see).

Basically, it’s located in front of the Palais Royal Theater, rue Monptensier. You couldn’t find a restaurant in a better place: you have a quick access to Les colonnes de Buren, you’re not far from the Louvre and it takes 2 minutes to go to Galerie Vivienne (by foot).

5 reasons to eat in Baan Boran:

  1. Waiters and waitresses are really pleasant
  2. Almost every dishes are amazing and so tasty
  3. The atmosphere is comfortable and zen
  4. Menus are affordable (it’s worthy, especially for lunch because you have a starter, a main dish and a dessert for only 16€)
  5. It’s well located and it’s cool to gather around

My top 5 dishes to order:

  1. Papaya salad (with a sweet sauce and peanuts)
  2. Chicken sauted with thai basil and oignons + red peppers
  3. Sticky rice (because it’s a crime not to order sticky rice in Asian restaurants)
  4. Red Coconut Curry (with chicken/beef/schrimps or vegan)
  5. Vegan Pad Thai with tofu, peanuts and loads of veggies

Last, but not least, never skip dessert because their ice creams are wonderful: I often order 3 scoops of Yuzu, passion fruit and coconut… But don’t forget to try the mango soup, which is suprisingly hot, made with coconut milk…



Baan Boran, what else?

–> 43 Rue de Montpensier, 75001 Paris

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