Camargues, here we are !


For Christmas, we had this bright idea of walking in the Reserve du Pont de Gau, which is a natural park for Camargues’s birds. It’s an ornithological park of 60 hectares… It’s means that birds have all the space they need and you have the great opportunity to observe (and take photographs) of that massive bird meeting.


It’s very peaceful to walk on hiking paths between reeds, water while listening to bird song. I have to tell you a story:

I have visited this park accompagnied by my parents, brother and cousin (2 and 3 years younger than me)… I can’t say both were very courageous that day, they were just taking photos not of the birds but of bird photos on information signs. Crazy, have you said? Not really, but pretty lazy.

After a walk of about 5 kms, it appears that brother and cousin were willing to come back home. The question wasn’t: « To be or not to be » but « Straightforward or on the left ». My parents and I had a map (sometimes, maps can be useful if you know how to read them): it was given that the path on the left directly led to the car park. During that time, my brother and cousin continued to walk… You know, they really wanted to come back because hunger called them… Continued to walk. Well, they had engaged themselves straightforward. As we saw it, we shouted to inform them that they were on the wrong path.What did they answer in return: You’re joking! You’re just willing us to walk 4,3 kms more instead of finding our car!  We thought: OK ! Let’s follow them, they will be surprised in a few minutes… and even more in 4,3kms!

So we walked, walked and walked and after about 3 kms, they asked: Where is the car? It’s strange, we cannot see it?  We replied: » Here is our car », pointing out the car park located on the left. In fact, it was true: we could see it but couldn’t access because of a channel… Frustrating, isn’t it? We reached our goal pretty tired, but so happy of this improvised hike… hungry as hell!

Here is a quick list of what you can possibly see in winter:

  1. Hundreds of flamingos
  2. Herons
  3. Seagulls
  4. Ducks (they look minuscule in comparison with flamingos)
  5. Cranes
  6. Coypus (so cute with their red teeth)


Find the intruder:


The whole park is surrounded by ponds, swamps and rush. It creates a wonderful landscape hesitating between green and golden tones. Peaceful.



See you later !

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