Columbus Isle: Top 10 favourites 1/2


Today is for holidays! I just experience a club (Club Med) in the Bahamas, located on Columbius Isle… In fact, you go there to relax becaus ethe Isle is pretty small : it only takes 53 km to go round the Isle… And there are only 3 hotels (one Club Med and 2 hostels) in here…

I just loved the stay, it was amazing and I couldn’t resist to share with you 10 reasons to go in the Columbus club… Let’s start:

  1. The weather: when we left Paris at 8 o’clock to take our flight, it was freezing cold… I mean about 4°C… A classic winter temperature. 11 hours later, as we went down the plane, a warm and windy temperature welcomed us… 27°C ! We were dying of heat with our pull-overs, polo-neck sweaters and jeans… The tentation to get in underwears was so strong! Hard to resist! In fact, in the Bahamas, it’s winter (even if it’s already hot) and the sun maintained the warm, comforting temperatures we found the first day the rest of the stay!
  2. The staff or GO for Gentil Organisateur in French (GO = nice organizer): everything is perfect. You’re sure to be welcomed with a smile and the staff is always smiling… I think that Club Med has the highest rate of smile, kindness of all the hotels… It guarantees a cool stay.
  3. The food: food was amazing… You had lots of different options, with a sald bar and themed dinner, such as « gala » dinner, Valentine day dinner (where they offered roses to every girl and woman), italian dinner… The menues changed everyday and you could never be bored… The only problem is to eat too much because you just want to try everything!
  4. The gym: for me, an hotel without a gym cannot be called an hotel. I love doing sport in my early morning to start the day fresh but sweaty (before getting lazy on a deck chair).Th e gym room was really large with lots of equipements: a TRX-training space, another one for spinning class, treadmills, medecine balls… With a quote painted in red on the blue wall : « Your body deserves the best, your mind deserves rest ». So true !
  5. Fitness class: I love trying new sport or activities during my holidays and the fitness programs was so complete! Sophie and Vanessa, the 2 fitness instructor did a great job! The first day, we made a tonic walk on the Isle for 45 min and enjoyed a delicious freshly pressed orange juice near the sea after that. Then I tried yoga-pilates-taï chi class for the first time and it was really cool! When Vanessa did that class at 9 o’clock (early birds), we concentrated mainly on pilates and stretching with a few abs move. When Sophie was our 9 o’clock instructor, it was 100 % yoga. We learnt the classic but so relxing sun salutation, the eagle pose, the warrior one,… Each lesson last about 45 min which is perfect!

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