Columbus Isle: Top 10 favourites (2/2)


As you know, I fell in love with my Bahamian stay at Club Med Columbus… Here is the other strong points that will make me come again in that sunny paradise…

  1. Aperetifs: evenings are a very important for us: it’s THE moment when you feel the most relaxed, the moment you can enjoy this delicious aperetif (a French tardition) made of creamy humous with raw dips, palm hearts with pesto, guacamole… with a singer just for us. We met Pierre (the singer) as we went to our 9 o’clock tonic walk. He stayed in the club for 5 weeks and sang every evenings. Really cool!
  2. Evenings (after the aperetif): each dinner is based on a theme. One day it could be red and white (for V-day), jeans and white or safari/tribal…  It creates a particular but pleasant atmosphere and contribute to promote exchanges (every body makes this effort, it’s a part of the trip). I remember the all white day: GOs wore white clothes as well, and dresses with white wings… Sophie (the fitness instructor) also sang for us (she had participated to Canadian Star Academy a few years ago) accompagnied by Pierre…  Moreover, each day ended up with a show which is almost always breathtakingly beautiful… Never far from circus. Unfortunately we didn’t go to any show (too tired) but I’ve heard lots of good feedbacks about them.
  3. Aquagym: it’s one of the funniest activity to take part in during holidays! People never respect the movements and it almost always end up in a sort of dance because 1/ the music is so cool and really loud and 2/ you don’t really want to workout but get a fresh shot in the swimming pool while moving before lunch.
  4. People to meet: this kind of club creates a positive atmosphere which furthers exchanges. We met nice people by playing tennis or doing kayak…
  5. The vue: could you imagine waking up with sea sounds and warmth? It’s awesome plus colours are really bright, which  is so beautiful. We took part in the daily stretching class at 5:45 pm to enjoy the sunset. The last day, we even did it on the woody pontoon, the turquoise sea surrounding us. Magical.

So I hope you enjoyed it and that it gives you a taste or ideas of holidays well deserved!


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