Travel journal : Columbus Isle

Hey guys! Today, I wanted to share a passion of mine: sketching/collaging. And a travel is always a great occasion to draw what’s around you. I find it great to « forget » a bit social media during the holidays, it allows to relax… but in fact, you’re never really off blogging, because you’re still thinking : »whaouh! tht’s great! Could be a good idea to share on Forever Glowing »… #blogaholic

Here are a few pages of my travel journal:


I love to mix drawing and collaging because it makes the pages look vintage… I also often use watercolor because: 1/ it’s easy to carry abroad  and 2/ I love the result it gives.


I’m a big fan of teas and infusion so I enjoy testing every tea when I’m away… The iguana you see was called Arthur (a male name) though it was a female: they just discovered to late it was a female… Sorry Arthur, let’s add a « e » to your name to make it more girly: Arthure is perfect!

fullsizerenderThat’s basically what we ate on V-day… It was a feast and it was so hard to choose between the many options: sushis, makis, soup, teriaky beef, sauteed vegetables,… Marshmallow and a choco fountain… Delicious !

Here we are, hope you enjoyed it and that it will inspire you to sketch more (we don’t need to be talented to start, but we need to start to be talented). Let’s give a try !

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