Fitness review: Way of Gray workout

Sophie Gray is a young and incredibly dynamic lady in her 2O th based in Canada. She created online workouts so that we can follow her courses at home. I’ve done them for 8 months and am in love.

First thing, let’s talk informations: when you buy a pack of workouts (usually you buy your workouts for 3 months), you can have unlimited access to them., which mean you only need a computer and your secret code to access to your account. in fact, you can workout everywhere #noexcuses , even if there is no computer available because Sophie offers to download and print the routine (workouts are written). You basically have 4 training sessions a week on monday, tuesday, thursday and wednesday which is not too much. You have enough rest time.

Each training lasts between 35 and 45 min but don’t be scared, it includes rest time! What I enjoy is that we work out while watching a video of Sophie showing the movements and talking to cheer us up! I swear it’s not that simple to keep working out when you’re alone but when someone motivates you… it’s perfect. I also love the training in itself: we start with a warmup which is actually as hard as the rest of the session (including donkey kicks, burpees, squats and LOTS of push ups (on the knees, let’s be serious)), then we have another warmup for the joints and move on to the « bulk of the workout » as says Sophie which is often tough. Be we love it, don’t we? It ends up with a cool down session. The first days are pretty easy but never underestimate the evolution of the trainings… It gets a level higher weeks after weeks and progress is awesome. I remember the first weeks I could hardly do 5 push ups on my knees (I’ve always been weak with my arms) and now I manage to do 15! Somedays we amaze ourself and this programme is a part of it!

I also love that workouts are never the same for too long  (the warm up is the only thing that don’t really evolve but it allows you to see progress) : it’s a mix of cardio, HIIT and body weight. I forgot to mention that it’s absolutely equipement-free: you only need a mat, yourself  and a water bottle. Plus it’s not too expensive because Sophie often offers discounts so it’s affordable for anyone motivated!

I received a meal plan with my training routine, full of plant-based recipe for a week. Sophie and Cie share salads, pasta pesto, sweet treats recipes good for your body but insanely tasty! I really appreciate having a recipe book because « nourish from the inside out » is so important!

One thing is sure: you will learn to push yourself… and amaze yourself, you’ll see. I highly recommend this programme whatever your fitness level is.

If you try it, tell me what you think, I would be happy to get your reviews too!

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