5 tips to stay motivated in fitness


Sometimes, we know we have to get moving but motivation is not here… This is very the moment to push yourself because it’s a Now-or-never-kind-of-situation. Fitness is a journey, an unlimited journey but we have to stand up and start walking in order to make it a journey… That’s why I’m sharing 5 tips to help you get back on track!

  1. Schedule your workout: write it in BIG LETTERS in your planner not to forget and prepare a sportbag with all your fitness stuff inside so that you have no excuses not to train today.
  2. Find a workout friend: it’s always easier to train with a friend because it’s funnier and it forces you to give your best because it’s a « friendly-supportive competition ». You can also go in a class (yoga class, sswedish gym class, spinning class,…) because 1/ you’ll meet like-minded persons and 2/you’ll forget the clock and be 100% focused on the teacher.
  3. Put on music: music is a great source of motivation thanks to the rythm, which carries our body. Have you never find yourself walking faster just because you were listenning to a good Rihanna song? Well, that’s normal. Plus listenning to music is known to have positive effects on our mood. I always say : in doubt, workout!
  4. Check your reasons: why did you decide to enter the gym? Make a list of these reasons and pin it somewhere you regularly go. If you cannot find reasons, it means that it’s the right time to discover something new: you could try a yoga class (even if you have never been flexible), or spinning. Just try and you’ll soon get excited about it! You’ll get in touch with the attractive law of progress!
  5. Treat yourself: reward yourself with a delicious homemade dinner or a warm bath with scents around you.And a well-deserved night of sleep ! Don’t forget to thank you for what you did!

Never forget to take care of your body, we often pay too much attention to our mind and not enough to our body… Balance is key!

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